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We are proud of the quality of our products and the work of the factory. The whole process is painstakingly worked out with love😘. Many professional chocolatiers work there to bring you the best sweets. The manufacturing has been constantly improved for many years and now it is a true art work. In order to get to know you better, we decided to make here a detailed description of all the main production details.😍

The factory Virtual Tour

Here we describe in detail the manufacture method at a chocolate factory. Chocolate making is a rather complicated, but a very interesting technology👨🏽‍🍳. To understand the features of it better, we have made chocolate factory online tour by describing the the whole cooking by stages.

The raw materials selection

⭐️ In order you enjoy the taste of real chocolate the ingredients must be of the highest quality. It is not an easy task. The chocolatier bought and tasted cocoa beans around the world and found few small, private organic farm in Madagascar and other regions of the world that met our criteria for purchasing non-fermented and poorly fermented cocoa beans of aromatic varieties.

🌱The cocoa beans have excellent aromatics and outstanding taste properties. Also cocoa trees are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers and stimulants, in an organic way. ⚠️ Also for us important to be sure that child labor was not used on the plantations. It is important from a social point of view.❤️ We believe the best chocolate manufacturers should be professionals and also socially responsible chocolate manufacturing companies.

👉 The transportation to the manufacture is carried out with preservation of thermal mode in special vacuum bags to protect it from light, moisture and external influences, while maintaining their aromatic and taste properties. ⚠️ Each batch gets on sanitary control and after its successful passage goes to production for further cleaning and sorting.

A production machine.
A factory worker controls a production machine.

The technology

👉 When it comes into the factory production, pre-cleaning begins. Specialists carefully check out the batch for the presence of defective beans.

✔️ Specialists remove broken, stuck together, immature or deformed ones. They leaving only the best ones. This is a very important point, because any low-quality piece of raw material affects the taste of chocolates. Our task is to make you taste unforgettable.

👉 Next step: beans come to a special sink.💧 They are washed and cleaned in special flowing baths with warm soft water. 👍👏 It is the fact! Cocoa beans are washed in mineral water!

💐After that,  it is in the water for several hours and goes the centrifuge where the velles (shells) are separated from its nimbus (core).

✅ This technology allows to save cocoa beans in a “live” form with their unique flavors, enzymes and a record content of antioxidants. It directly affects the benefits of such chocolate for your body health. Not all chocolate manufacturing companies in Dubai UAE adhere to such high standards to make not only tasty, but also healthful product.

The quality control

⭐️ The chocolatier checks the quality. All residues of the shells are eliminated manually by chocolate makers and are transferred to the next stage of flow drying.

👍 As soon as the moisture level in the cores reaches the established requirements, the disinfection procedure begins. This is a very important and high-tech stage of our production. It allows us to avoid the use of the high-temperature roasting.

Special vacuum machines are used for the disinfection. They create an anaerobic environment in which they are kept for a certain time. 👌 Bacteria, viruses and microorganisms cannot exist in an anaerobic environment without oxygen. After this treatment, aseptically processed cocoa beans are obtained. It is ready to use.

This method saves enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for your health. Therefore, such chocolate is not just something sweet, like many are used to, but a real super-food 🤗, a full-fledged source of foody.

⭐️At the completion of the preparatory steps, the cocoa beans arrive at the grated cocoa line. The second stage of chocolate making begins.

Specialists manually produce comfits.
A chocolatier makes candies.

What sort of sweetener is used in chocolate making?

There is no single answer. In most cases, natural grape juice is used. One that is not heat treated! Why precisely it?

🤔 Many have heard that grape juice has a high glycemic index (GI), but have not fully understood what this means. It is a measure of the rate of glucose release into the blood from a particular product. But it is impossible to consider only this indicator, separately from others👇
For example, it has a high GI. But this is true only for pure grape juice, which is devoid of fiber and interrelated with other components! So the pure one has a certain indicator of GI, but when it is added to cacao powder it has a completely different level of GI⭐️. Therefore, the GI itself is not as important as how much of juice we should use to reach the required sweetness. It is the reason why the grape juice is used by our chocolate makers! Since it has the highest natural sweetness🔥. And it has to be added to chocolate very, very little to achieve a sweetish taste. Do you understand it now? This is the secret. 🤗

Our chocolate factory shop

Visit Elephant D’Or chocolate factory store in Dubai UAE. It is located at the Mall Dubai. 

For your convenience, we have created online shop where you can order fresh tasty candies with delivery.🤗

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