The best dark chocolate brand in Dubai UAE

It has a rich cocoa bean flavor and a delicate aroma. Elephant D'Or is one of the best dark chocolate companies and a shop where you can buy the best dark chocolate brands in Dubai UAE.



There is a dark chocolate shop on the website where to buy best dark chocolate in Dubai.

Check it out right here to choose a perfect dessert for your taste.

Healthy dark chocolate brands

Many people ask us why there are so few calories made by Elephant D’Or dark chocolate brand?

🤔There is a stereotype that chocolate has a a lot of calories in it. This statement is valid only for commercial confectionery products which are produced with the addition of powdered milk, emulsifiers and other unnatural components.
🔥 Chocolate which is made entirely from herbal ingredients contains a large amount of dietary fiber. It is not absorbed by our body, and does not give you energy value. However it is extremely necessary for proper functioning of the digestive tract and the absorption of nutrients from food! 🤗 It also slows down the absorption of glucose into the blood, making it even. That is why you feel such lightness and complete saturation after a few pieces of our organic sweets👍

A slice of candy on which it is possible to see what it consists of.
Cocoa bean and cocoa powder.

The manufacturing technology

The second secret why our candies are healthy is the low-temperature cooking technology. All the ingredients do not heat up to high temperatures and retain a natural structure. The components are not dehydrated and retain all their benefits.👍

We use a minimum of ingredients is used by us:

  • cocoa beans,
  • almond milk,
  • natural vanilla,
  • fresh juice.

It is these herbal ingredients🌱 that give an incredible taste to dark chocolate, while maintaining such a low calorie content, compared to regular ones, which contains more than 600 calories!

Buy the best dark chocolate brands in our shop

In addition to the convenient purchase service, fast delivery and personal attitude to each of our clients our dark chocolate will increase the production of serotonin – the “hormone of happiness” – in you body 🤗. It will lift up your mood, reduce stress, make you happy and joyful😄.

Try the natural sweets – it’s so tasty 🤤.

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