Famous branded chocolates in Dubai UAE

The Elephant D’Or is one of the popular & famous Dubai chocolate companies, who sell the best branded chocolates in Dubai UAE⭐️.


Bitter sweets, after which your life will never be the same
Dark bitter sweets


Fall in love after one piece😍. The most delicate toppings that cause delight.
Buy white chocolates


It leaves a gamut of "creamy" taste in your mouth & an unforgettable aftertaste.
Dairy milk candies

Sugar free

Would you like to treat yourself with something delicious? But worry about your body shape?
Sugar free sweets

If you don’t know where to start your acquaintance with famous chocolates in Dubai, we recommend to visit famous chocolate shops of Elephant D’Or. There is an assortment of gourmet candies, which you can try to select the best one. We recommend you to start your journey to gourmet sweets world with milk candies😍. When one slice melts in your mouth, you will never be able to forget this amazing taste🤤.

Secrets of famous branded chocolates

What is the secret here? In fact, it is not. Famous chocolate companies make sweets from real cocoa beans and use low-temperature cooking technology. Then all the nutritional properties of cocoa beans are retained in the candy.

Real famous chocolates do not consists of white sugar, flour with fat substitutes in the form of palm oil⛔️. To make a good product, the best chocolate makers replace them with natural ingredients. Such a delicious product gives you a lot of positive emotions and bring tangible benefits to the health of you and your family. And how sweet it is melting in your mouth🤤

🌱 Organic products have a completely different sense of saturation. You need only a couple of pieces to get pleasure and satisfaction. We recommend only 20-30 grams of chocolate per day to get all the positive health effects. Try our candies and your life will never be the same.

A production machine.
A production machine.

How to enjoy famous chocolates?

Not many people know today how to do it right, and there are even whole rituals and tastings in the world. It seems everything is elementary. What is there to be able to? Put a slice in your mouth. That’s it! But it is not so simple😉. 90% of people can not appreciate the taste of real chocolate and enjoy it, because they eat it wrong.

👉 In order to fully enjoy the taste and get the most benefit and pleasure, it is important to eat chocolate correctly. The main mistake that most people make is to chew it. Or even swallow it just like any other food. But here you need to act in a different way.

🤤 Put a piece in your mouth and keep it for a couple of seconds. Do you feel this pleasure? Let the whole range of flavors open up!

👉 The temperature of your body melts the piece on your tongue. You will be able to enjoy the taste for a long time. Different tastes will be revealed one after another.

First of all, cocoa butter starts to melt on the tongue. One of the best features of this kind of sweets is that cocoa butter melts at body temperature.
👉 Do you know where it come from? Our saliva has an enzyme called amylase. It breaks down carbohydrates. When you dissolve the piece, the saliva  enzymes begin their action of releasing the incredible flavors.
👉 Since chocolate is “live”, it contains a huge amount of its enzymes. They are also instantly activated in the mouth. At this moment, you get a firework of the mouthfeel and taste the gastronomic delight😍.

Famous chocolate shops

Visit one of our famous chocolate shops in Dubai UAE.
Try sweets, the taste of which you remember forever. One of best chocolate brands in Dubai.

Us usual we do everything to your convenience. You can buy our branded chocolates online with delivery.

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