Luxury gourmet chocolates in Dubai with delivery

Luxury chocolates from one of gourmet chocolate companies in Dubai UAE.

If you want to buy good expensive chocolates in Dubai you should visit Elephant D’Or. It is one of fine chocolate companies & luxury chocolate shop that located in The Mall, Jumeirah Road. A big range of high end chocolates available in the Dubai shop. No one gourmet in UAE will not be left without favorite Belgian delicious sweets.



There are a fine collection of gourmet handmade chocolates in our assortment. The sweets are very fresh & produced according original receipts. There are milk and dark chocolate with different percentages of cocoa, candy with cookies, marzipan and truffles, fruits, and other delicacies in our shop. Our luxury chocolate company does not stop creating new collections, surprising you with an incredible taste and combination of ingredients.


A tasty ball made made of fresh milk stuffed hazel praline with and crispy pieces.


A ivory color chocolate made of soft cocoa butter and vanilla without any cocoa powder and filbert praline and amazing crisps inside.

Golf ball sweets

A nice sweet gift for man who love golf. Strict set for him: hazelnut pasta in a white shell.

Perle Banane

Try an elegant pearl, white ganache & bananas.


Spring inspiration in the form of a leaf with a delicious filler of cobnuts.

Celeste - Sugar Free candy

It is a luxury sweets with no sugar added created by original recipe. It is very tasty and healthy.


Awesome treat to try a fresh candy prepared of high-end ingredients: gianduja & crunchy cereals.

Coeur Caramel

This is a great mix of salted butter and breezy caramel in one comfit.


Almond praline & nougat wrapped to a horn.

Rocher lait

A praline with minced hazelnuts.

Perle Spéculoos

Breezy speculoos cream coated with Belgium spicy biscuit pieces.

Perle Coco

Coconut cream & thin coconut flakes on it. A real pleasure for a girl.

Perle Coffee Ganache

A gourmet Ganache Coffee sweets.


Soft dark chocolate ganache mixed with orange.


Delicate gianduja & a properly roasted cobnut on a peak.

Manon Pistache

The comfit consist of mousse and roasted pistachios with a little salt. 


100% Gianduja (a tasty paste consisting of chocolate, sugar and pounded roasted nuts).


A Hazelnut praline is decorated with confectionery soft flakes of the thinnest waffles.

Coeur Rouge

A red heart chocolate with a dessert filler from ground almonds fried in sugar.


A high-end chocolate basket with jelly made of fresh fruits topped with crispy gianduja. 


Delicate Belgian ganache.


A mixture of almond powder and sugar in a thin dark chocolate coat topped with a one specific nut.

Chocolate bouquets

If you want to present something special and 100% desirable by a lady, these roses are an ideal choice.

Chocolate gifts

Chocolate gifts

Our high-end chocolate company is ready to offer you a nice gifts for ladies and gentlemen. The gifts are packed up with high-end materials to personalize it for a wedding, birthday or any celebration.

Birthday gifts

Gourmet confection is a perfect birthday present for him & her. The presentee will be happy to get tasty luxury comfits.

Chocolate bouquets

Give a girl a beautiful tasty bouquet of roses. You can choose any number of flowers. For example, equal to an anniversary or 14 pieces on Valentine’s Day.

Wedding candies

High-end gourmet chocolates from a luxury chocolate company in Dubai as wedding treats&gifts.

would like to buy big amount for an event? Just contact us.

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